Allrecipe's most loved Dinner Spinner app as a responsive Adroid experience.





More and more home cooks are bringing tablets and phones into the kitchen to reference recipes directly from their devices. At the time this app was launched the smartphone / tablet markets were increasing exponentially each year. For Allrecipes this meant reaching millions of home cooks seeking recipes from their devices with the goal of putting dinner on the table. 



• Create an app for the Android platform that keeps functional parity with the existing iOS Dinner Spinner app while following Android UI conventions

• Meld visual styles of the Allrecipes brand with Android to create a visual language true to the AR brand and the operating system

• Incorporate existing video cookbook features

• Make improvements to features based on learnings from previously released iOS apps

The dinner spinner feature is only available for phone downloads of the app on both Android and iOS.


• Problem definition

• Examined user data from iOS app

• Whiteboard wireframes  

• Hi-fi mocks and visual design

• Redlines and assets


At Allrecipes I worked closely with product managers and engineers of multiple scrum teams plus other members of the design and marketing team. My role as a UI/UX designer was very collaborative especially with other designers. I worked iteratively on a variety of products including the main website, an Android app, iOS Apps as well as a Windows app.

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7/7 Search

Searching for a recipe features options to include/exclude ingredients, filter by dietary needs and "ready in" time.