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I'm a UX designer based in Austin, TX


A west coast gal who flew the coop for Texas! Though I've moved around, Alaska will always be my heart and home. After leaving Alaska at 18, I spent time in SF Bay area where I attended design school, then made a home in rainy Seattle for several years. 

I believe successful products are created iteratively and as the result of collaboration amongst cross functional teams. Understanding how and why people use a product is the guiding light to my design approach. I enjoy finding the middle ground between complex user problems and the reality of business. Design thinking is important and I believe it's for everyone, not just the design team. The quicker a team can build a shared understanding the sooner we can ask the right questions and build a solid solution!


I have 10 years of experience as a designer with a current focus in user experience, and user interface design. Beginning with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in graphic design from California College of the Arts (San Francisco), my professional background is thorough. My previous design roles have included visual design, logo/identity design, and traditional graphic design for print and web.


Work History

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