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A todo list that helps homeowners manage home improvement projects and get ahead of maintenance.




Porch users may have multiple inflight or upcoming projects to keep track of. For many users and especially those who are first time homeowners it's likely they don't have a clear picture of a typical home maintenance schedule. "What should I do to prepare my home for winter?", "How often do I need to

service my chimney?" The ToDo list allows users to keep track of upcoming projects, their project history as well as projects suggested by Porch based on their home's data and history. From the ToDo list it's simple to connect to the right pro for a specific project.


The ToDo List was part of a larger vision for a "Home Assistant" experience. This would eventually go beyond managing projects and connecting homeowners with pros. As a company we were iterating and trying new features and services to see what was resonating with our users.


•  Problem definition

•  Examined user data 

•  User flows on the whiteboard 

•  Wireframes 

•  Mocks / UI

•  Prototype using InVision

•  User testing - card sorting

•  Hi-fi mocks / UI

•  Redlines and assets



ABOVE: We made lists of the user flow steps required for the existing consumer facing iOS app as well as the admin and system steps. Doing this made it easy to see how the new web based todo list would fit into this ecosystem.

ABOVE: UI sketches and user steps on the whiteboard before moving into wireframes.


I started with a mobile first approach for this web-based tool. We discovered from user testing that most homeowners would prefer to do this sort of management primarily on their phones but the list and user account are available for larger screens as well. 


When I joined Porch the company was navigating the space between start-up and becoming an established company. Parts of the business had grown separately and the pieces of the product were growing in different directions as well. As a UX designer, I worked closely with a product manager, engineers and other members of the design and marketing team to chart a path for the missing pieces of a foundational experience on Porch. The majority of my time at Porch was spent working on the core homeowner experience.

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