A web based menu planning tool for home cooks with busy lives.


Most home cooks are crunched for time yet they have birthdays, special diets and regular old mid-week dinners to plan. Often times cooking a meal involves multiple recipes and in many cases more than one cook. Allrecipes makes it simple for home cooks to curate and share their own menus through a tool that supports the naturally social nature of cooking.



• Problem definition

• Examined user data

• Whiteboard wireframes  

• Hi-fi mocks and visual design

• Redlines and assets


At Allrecipes I worked closely with product managers and engineers of multiple scrum teams plus other members of the design and marketing team. My role as a UI/UX designer was very collaborative especially with other designers. I worked iteratively on a variety of products including the main website, an Android app, iOS Apps as well as a Windows app.



• Simplify and improve upon concepts of the existing menu planner tool

• Make it possible to associate a menu with a date and export to calendar tools

• Focus the theme of saving time

• Bring to the forefront the social aspect of meal planning

• Make the tool accessible from the user's profile

1/2 Add Recipe

From any recipe grid view, there is the option to save a recipe to any menu created by the user. Tapping the gray transparent bar with an up arrow overlaying the bottom of each recipe image reveals more actions including add to menu.